Workshops and Private Training

Our workshops are not the typical workshops where you only get lectures as if you are reading an instructional book or one of those For Dummy books. Heck, you can do that sitting at home but the problem is that nothing really makes sense when you want to do something with your own images.

All workshops and private training are taught by ej arts’ owner, John Latimer with his twelve plus years as a professional printmaker and more than five years as a professor of digital imaging and fine printing. Go to About Us to find out more about John.

Backed by years of teaching and professional experience, in our workshops you actually learn the workflow and will be able to apply the knowledge you gain to what you want to do with your own images. Most importantly you will learn everything in a way which makes sense. Let’s be honest, yes, our workshops are intense and you feel like your brain is getting fried initially with the abundance of information thrown at you but you will learn hands-on and you will undoubtedly feel more in control and confident in what you do with Photoshop® afterwards.

Group Workshops:

We offer group workshops both in Rochester, NY and in other cities throughout the country. If you have a group of 5 or more and want a workshop in your hometown, instead of you making travel arrangements and having to pay additional expenses to get to us, we will come to you. All you have to do is arrange a date with us.

If you are an individual interested in joining a group workshop, please call and see what we have in the works.

Workshop “Photoshop® Demystified”:

Our group workshops are usually designed to teach Photoshop® from the ground up with our unique philosophy of workflow and instruction. This workshop is known as Photoshop® Demystified. Photoshop® Demystified is good for beginners and advanced users alike, though we like to separate the two levels into separate workshops to better serve each level.

An advanced group will get the same foundation but will adopt it faster and move to even more complex techniques.

The workshops are designed for photographers to be as useful in Photoshop® as possible. I won’t bore you with the "text tool" but we will talk about grayscale conversion and localized contrast for example, just the stuff you want without the stuff you don't.

Printing Workshop:

We also teach visualization and preparing files for fine printing. Many consider this the OK-I-know-Photoshop®-what-do-I-do-with-it-now course.

Private Training:

We also offer private training locally and pretty much in any cities where you live that we can travel to. This is a completely customized training course ranging from Photoshop® to preparing files for printing and printing itself and anything else you need help with in digital imaging. This is ideal for individuals who prefer one-on-one training as opposed to workshop settings and want to learn at his or her own pace. Please contact us to set up a date. If we are traveling to your city, please allow for a minimum of two full days of training.

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