Drum Scanning

We are running an Optronics drum scanner with the latest version software that allows for 16 bit scans for our photography clients who still shoot film. We wet mount all our scans for the best possible results.

We also provide scanning for those who just want the best files but do not need our printing services.

You might have seen cheaper scanning services but the chances are they dry mounts of your film and often not true drum scans. The issue of dry mounting is that there will be an optical gap between your film and the scanner, which creates light dispersion and distortion, reducing the file quality both in sharpness and contrast. On the other hand, wet mounting surrounds the film with fluid that helps the scanner resolve the film plain resulting in a sharper image with better density control and contrast.

Another reason to have drum scans compared to flatbed scanner, dedicated film scanner, and imacom scanner scans is that drum scanners use Photo Multiplyer Tubes to capture the image verse ccds of the other scanners. Photo Multiplyer tubes have a great sensitivity to light resulting in a broader dynamic range of capture. The effect is to provide greater detail in highlights and shadows and also better tonal separation throughout the image. Imacon claims to be virtual drum scanners but there is really nothing about them that is virtually like a drum scanner.

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